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The Relationship

Every client is different and every relationship is different. Here is an example of the steps and exercises we may take clients through:

Pay Off Debt-The Relationship
Personal Finance Coach Perth
  • Assess your current financial situation and understand your financial concerns and goals.

  • Put together the action steps needed to reach these goals.

  • Come up with a game plan as to when the action steps will be completed and what support and accountability will be needed.

  • Set up a tracking system for you so you can understand where your money is going and what your spending habits are.

  • Discuss how to free up more money to pay off debt and increase savings.

  • Help you understand the psychological and emotional components of dealing with money.

  • Catch up with you regularly to gauge progress and adjust the plan if needed.

  • Most importantly, listen without prejudice, support you and encourage you.

  • Celebrate milestone achievements.

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